The 5 Best Cheap Soccer Cleats in 2024

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Finding the right pair of soccer cleats to match your game and your budget is difficult. The good news is that we’ve taken the time to create a list of reliable, budget-friendly soccer cleats. Hopefully, this list can serve as a gateway for you as you look for your next pair of soccer cleats.

As a soccer player, finding the right pair of soccer cleats is an important part of your soccer career. It gets even more difficult when your budget restricts you.

In this article, we will explore the wonderful world of soccer cleats. It includes our top 5 best cheap soccer cleats, their advantages and disadvantages, and some frequently asked questions. 

Top 5 Cheap Soccer Cleats

The soccer cleats you choose are an important part of the game. The right pair of cleats are the ones that are the most comfortable and are easy on the eye. We also understand that it is equally important to make sure that the cleats are within your budget.

The difficulty is in navigating through the long list of available soccer cleats. Thankfully, we have taken the time to conduct some research about our favorite top 5 best cheap soccer cleats. Here’s what made the list:

1. Adidas Men’s Copa 20.1 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Adidas Men’s Copa 20.1 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Copa 20.1 Soccer Shoes are a great budget option. We think that Adidas did a fantastic job combining a sense of a ‘classic’ feel while mixing a great feeling of a modern style.

You can choose from a wide range of colors when buying these cleats. This pair is also designed with a full-leather upper lip, which is super soft and comfortable.

Some modern cleats make you feel like you are playing in slippers, but the Adidas 20.1 cleats make you feel like you are wearing pillows on your feet.

The problem with these cleats is that they may feel a bit tight the first few times you wear them. After a few practices, you’ll feel very comfortable and won’t regret choosing these cleats.

What we like

  • Great combination of classic and modern
  • Lightweight and comfortable user experience
  • Offer great color options with a wide variety

What we don’t like

  • A bit snug to begin with

2. Nike Men’s Phantom Venom Club FG Soccer Shoe

Nike Men’s Phantom Venom Club FG Soccer Shoe

We have always felt that Nike designs look great. The Phantom Venom Club soccer cleats are no different. They are designed with a two-toned style that will make you feel confident whenever you step onto the soccer field.

These cleats also have inner rubber soles and are made of synthetic material. Over time, the cleat changes shape according to your foot. It means the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become.

We must warn about these cleats. In the pictures, they look red and black. But actually, they are closer to pink than red. This is a problem, but these cleats’ comfort is a pleasant experience overall.

What we like

  • Have a modern, two-toned design
  • Shapes according to your foot 
  • Very comfortable and sleek

What we don’t like

  • Color is not exactly as it seems in the pictures

3. PUMA Men’s Monarch Technical Sport Soccer Shoe

PUMA Men’s Monarch Technical Sport Soccer Shoe

If you are looking for a simple, black-and-white soccer cleat, look no further. PUMA has created this pair of classic-looking, reliable Men’s Monarch Technical Soccer cleats. 

These cleats are designed with a synthetic sole, come in low profile design, and are considered a ‘regular fit.’

Also, the primary material of these cleats is soft, durable synthetic leather. This combination means that they are lightweight and strong.

The only problem with these cleats is that the toe is somewhat narrow, which can be uncomfortable if you have wider feet. However, these durable, classic-feeling cleats are worth every penny.

What we like

  • Classic black-and-white design
  • Durably made for long-usage

What we don’t like 

  • Slightly narrow around the toe for people with wider feet

4. Adidas Predator 19.2 Firm Ground Mens

Adidas Predator 19.2 Firm Ground Mens

Adidas Predator 19.2 Firm Ground soccer cleats are a beautiful pair of cleats. In terms of style, these cleats are the most modern-looking design on our list. 

These cleats are designed with an upper mesh, creating a sock-like fit that supports your ankles while securing the cleat on your foot. It is also 100% synthetic.

The cleat is designed with some texture on the outside, making it easier to control the soccer ball.

Some players have expressed that these particular cleats are very narrow. So, the experience is somewhat unpleasant because the cleats can be quite tight. Also, the synthetic material is slightly thin, so they are lightweight but offer little protection from being stepped on.

Our overall impression is that these boots are sleek and offer a modern experience when playing soccer.

What we like

  • Smart and beautiful design
  • Offers proper ankle support
  • Very lightweight when wearing

What we don’t like 

  • Slightly narrow
  • Offer little protection when being stood on

5. New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy FG Soccer Shoe

New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy FG Soccer Shoe

If you like a ‘classic’ feel, these are the cleats for you. The New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy Fg Soccer Shoe is designed for players looking for a more old-school design over some of the glitz and glam offered by some of the newer cleats. 

These cleats come in various colors, which we like as they give you more options. Also, the New Balance 442 V2 Academy cleats are designed with kangaroo leather, making them comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.

They lack in design for all of these durability advantages. These are not the most stylish cleats and are also slightly heavier than the other cleats on our list.

The New Balance Men’s 442 cleats are a solid option, especially for those looking for a classic, no-nonsense pair.

What we like 

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provide a comfortable experience
  • Available in various colors

What we don’t like

  • Not very stylish
  • Slightly heavier than other options


Are budget-friendly soccer cleats durable and long-lasting?

Yes, budget-friendly soccer cleats can be durable and long-lasting. But you have to do research before buying a pair. When you do your research, make sure you understand the surface that you will be playing on.

This is because cleats are designed according to specific playing surfaces. It is possible to find good, cheap, strong soccer cleats. 

How much should you spend on soccer cleats?

Soccer cleats can cost anything between $50 and $300. You should only spend as much as you feel comfortable spending.

The good news is that brands such as Adidas, PUMA, Nike, and New Balance have various cleats that match most budgets.

Final Thoughts

We understand that buying soccer cleats can be a scary experience for you. With so many options on the market, it is easy to feel confused. Our #1 advice is to do lots of research if you find a pair of cleats you like. If possible, you should go to the store to try them on before you buy them. There is no ‘perfect’ pair of soccer cleats out there. The trick is to find the soccer cleats that make you feel comfortable and confident when you step onto the soccer field.

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