10 Best Grip Socks for Soccer

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Ever heard of grip socks? No? Well, let’s spill the beans. These aren’t your grandma’s regular knitted socks. Nope, these are the unsung superheroes of the soccer world. Imagine playing your best game, scoring that goal, and – you slip. Why?

Your regular socks betrayed you. Enter grip socks, your trusty sidekick. They offer the extra grip to dance around the field without fear of slipping.

And, guess what? They’ve become the secret sauce for many players aiming to keep their game tight.

Top 10 Grip Socks for Soccer

After a deep analysis of the properties of grip socks, we found the 10 best grip socks for soccer available in the market. 

1. FALKE Unisex-Adult 4 GRIP Socks

FALKE Unisex-Adult 4 GRIP Socks

When it comes to sports, it’s often the little things that count. Enter the FALKE 4 GRIP, a game-changer in the sport socks territory.

What We Like: 

Superb Stability: The silicone nubs on the inside and outside of the sock are truly a game-changer. Say goodbye to slipping inside your shoe. Every movement feels faster, and those rapid direction changes. A breeze.

Designed for Feet: Who knew socks could be so sophisticated? The patented left and right specific toe design ensures they fit like a glove. No wrinkles, no slipping, and no painful pressure points.

Ankle Support: We’re talking about a compression zone that’s more than just tight-knitting. It stimulates the receptors in the ankle, helping the body react faster to misalignments. 

What We Don’t Like:

Price Point: Quality often comes at a cost, and the FALKE 4 GRIP is no exception. They might be a little heavy on the wallet, especially if you’re outfitting for a whole season.

Maintenance: While they’re machine washable, they don’t love the tumble dryer. Extra care is needed to ensure they retain their shape and color.

2. TRUsox 3.0 MidCalf Length

Trusox 3.0 Mid-Calf Cushioned

Stepping up your game in comfort and performance? Say hello to the TRUsox 3.0 MidCalf.

What We Like:

Improved Performance: The grip has gotten a facelift. It’s more embedded into the sock, contouring to the unique bends of the feet, making that IN//EX tech™ even better. 

Enhanced Comfort: Let’s be honest; nobody wants to play with socks that feel like cardboard. These are softer and stay flexible even after multiple washes. It’s like a gentle hug for your feet!

Stellar Durability: I’ve given these bad boys a good run, and they’re still holding strong. The enhanced bonding means these socks are in it for the long haul. 

What We Don’t Like:

Price Point: The tech is impressive, but the cost can be a hurdle for some people. It’s worth it for serious athletes, but weekend warriors might hesitate.

Wearing Method: Having to cut off your regular game socks to make a sleeve, while essential for that grip, can feel a bit tedious. 

3. Lux Anti-Slip Soccer Socks

LUX Sports Anti Slip Calf Soccer Socks

Slipping into the world of premium sports socks, we’ve had the pleasure of testing the LUX SPORTS Anti Slip Soccer Socks. An impressive combination of style and substance. Let’s dive right in!

What We Like:

Inner and Outer Grips: The LUX SPORTS socks have grips on both the inside and the outside. This means your feet stay put, eliminating that annoying in-shoe slide.

Bye-bye Sore Feet: With these socks on, post-exercise sore feet are pretty much a relic of the past. Reduced friction means fewer blisters. Your feet are throwing a little thank-you party.

60-Day Return Policy: Not a fan? Not a problem! The confidence LUX SPORTS shows with this policy made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What We Don’t Like:

Pricey for a Sock: We get it. Premium features come at a cost. However, some might find the price tag a wee bit steep for just a pair of socks.

Grip Overkill: That heel grip is fantastic, but based on a personal account, soccer enthusiasts might find the back heel grips to be a bit of a double-edged sword. Too much grip can sometimes lead to discomfort.

4. Alphaskin Traxion Lightweight Cushioned Crew Socks

adidas Alphaskin Traxion Maximum Cushioned Crew socks

Elevate your training game one sock at a time. Meet the Alphaskin Traxion: Not just any sock, but your foot’s new best friend!

What We Like: 

Eco-Friendly Yarns: Major props to Adidas for keeping Mother Earth in mind. Crafting socks out of recycled ocean plastic? We’re all in!

Secure and Snug: The grip yarn footbed? A game-changer. We felt zero slips, whether it was during a jog or an intense HIIT session. Our feet felt cradled in the best way possible.

Compression Magic: The supportive arch compression was like a warm hug for our feet. It wasn’t just about the fit; it was about feeling supported every step of the way.

What We Don’t Like:

A Bit Too Snug: For some of us, these socks felt a smidge tight around the ankle. We appreciate the snugness, but a tad more breathing space wouldn’t hurt.

Price Tag: Quality often comes at a price, but $25 for a single pair did sting a bit. We’d advise you to snag these during a sale or if you’re feeling like splurging a little. 

5. Gioca Grips

GIOCA Grip Performance Socks

Stepping up our game one sock at a time, Gioca brings us their stellar Grip Socks.

What We Like:

Optimal Stability: With those cleverly placed pads, they’re like a tight-grip handshake for our feet. No unwanted dance moves in our boots – we stay rooted!

Mid-Cushioned Comfort: It’s not just about the grip; it’s also about that cushy cloud-like feel. Long game days? No problem, our feet have never been happier.

Breathability: That mesh ventilation? Genius! Our feet can breathe, staying cool even in the heat of the game.

What We Don’t Like:

Size Limitations: While they offer a range of sizes, we wish there were a few more options for those on the cusp or beyond the available sizes.

Price Tag: At $34.99, they’re a bit expensive. But given the performance, we could argue they’re an investment in the game. Still, a sale now and then wouldn’t hurt! 

6. TAPEDESIGN Allround Socks Classic

TapeDesign Mid-Calf Soccer Sock

Well, if socks could strut, the TAPEDESIGN Allround Socks Classic would be leading the parade! Here’s our take on these foot-hugging, grip-enhancing wonders.

What We Like:

One Size Fits Most: From our sporty cousin with a size 37 feet to Uncle Bob with his size 48 feet, these socks stretch and fit. Talk about flexibility!

Ergonomic Rubber Knobs: You know that feeling of sliding in your shoe? Nope, neither do we with these socks. Those rubber knobs keep our feet snuggly in place.

What We Don’t Like:

Material Composition: While we love the comfort, 55% cotton might not be as moisture-wicking as some other athletic sock materials out there.

Only One Design: With such great functionality, we were kind of hoping for more design options to match our ever-changing moods and outfits.

7. RATIVE Anti Slip Non-Skid Slipper Hospital Socks

RATIVE Anti Slip Non Skid Hospital Socks with Grippers

Stepping into the world of comfy footwear, these RATIVE socks are more than just another pair in your drawer.

Slip, slide, or dance – these socks have got your back, or rather, your feet!

What We Like: 

Multi-Functional Grips: We’re head over heels (literally!) for the grips on the sole. Whether we’re attempting a new yoga pose or simply walking on tiled floors, they ensure we don’t miss a beat.

Versatility in Style: Going beyond the hospital, these socks are perfect as morning “slipper socks.” And with a variety of colors, we’re ditching our regular socks for these any day!

Durable Fabric Blend: Between the terylene and spandex, we’re talking about socks that breathe while being stretchy. Plus, throw them in the washing machine, and they come out looking as good as new.

What We Don’t Like:

Heel and Toe Non-Grip Zones: I mean, come on! The toe and heel are the heroes of our feet. We noticed the lack of non-skid patches in these critical areas, which kind of missed the mark for us.

Size Matters: We also noticed they run slightly on the smaller side. So, if you’re in between sizes, we’d suggest sizing up.

8. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion 4 Socks

Adidas Copa Zone Cushion 4 Socks

These Adidas training socks have got quite the fan club, from kids to adults. 

What We Like: 

Moisture Magic: Kudos to the moisture-wicking magic of these socks. Even during the most sweaty, action-packed games, our feet stayed remarkably dry. That Climalite fabric? Total game-changer.

Arch and Ankle Support: With compression in the arch and ankle, we felt stable dribbling and sprinting down the field. It’s like these socks are giving our feet a little supportive hug with every step.

Cushioned Comfort: Who knew soccer could be this comfy? With cushioning in the heel and toe, every slide tackle and goal kick felt a tad softer.

What We Don’t Like:

Not Always Shin Guard Friendly: For the younger soccer stars, these might not be the best fit with some shin guards. We noticed they can be a bit too tight and cause discomfort.

Limited Stretch: Though breathable, we kind of wished there was just a bit more stretch to them, which would make them a tad more flexible and seal the deal. 

9. Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned

Nike Everyday Plus Cushion Crew Training Socks

Ever been excited about socks? Well, hold onto your shoes because the Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned has got us talking!

What We Like:

Heavenly Padding: Feels like our feet are getting VIP treatment. That extra cushion under the heel and forefoot? It’s a dream come true for long days and longer workouts.

Arch Support Is on Point: It’s the sock equivalent of a warm hug without that “too tight” feeling. It’s like these socks know our feet.

What We Don’t Like:

The Everyday vs. Plus Saga: We expected consistency, Nike! The standard every day feels like it’s from a different sock universe than the Plushy Plus.

Size Matters: Size is a bit confusing here. There’s a stretchy surprise with some sizing inconsistency between Everyday and Plus. 

10. HUANLANG Anti-Slip Soccer Socks

HUANLANG Anti Slip Soccer Socks Mens Athletic Grip Socks

Well, hello game-changers! We recently tried the HUANLANG Anti Slip Soccer Socks and let’s just say, they’ve tried to redefine the foot game. Here’s the play-by-play:

What We Like:

Those Non-Slip Pads: At the bottom of these socks, there’s an army of non-slip pads. It’s like they’ve given our feet a grip upgrade, reducing slips and helping with those rapid direction changes on the field. 

Comfy and Breathable Material: 45% combed cotton? Sign us up! The blend of materials ensures our feet can breathe, even during a grueling match. 

Universal Appeal: It doesn’t matter if you’re into football, tennis, or just love a good hike, these socks have you covered. Plus, with their range of sizes, it’s like they’re shouting, “One size fits most!”

What We Don’t Like: 

Tube Length Surprise: For those of us who love our socks a tad longer up the leg, these might fall short. They’re about 4-5” from the bottom of the foot, which can be a letdown if you’re looking for extended coverage.

Material Feels: While the blend is breathable, some players might find the material a bit rough. It makes you wonder if a little extra softness might’ve scored them an extra goal.

Checklist for Buying Socks for Soccer

Before you dash to the store to buy grip socks, let’s break down what you really need to look for. No fluff, just the real stuff.

1. Material

It all starts here. Want to keep your feet cozy and blister-free? Look for materials like nylon or polyester. These materials let your feet breathe. Plus, they protect them like a pro.

2. Traction and Grip

Soccer means swift moves. Make sure your socks have the grip to match your speed. Nobody wants to be the one slipping on the field!

3. Anti-blister Properties

Speaking of blisters, they’re the worst, right? Opt for socks that brag about their anti-blister game. Your feet will love you!

4. Fit and Comfort

Your socks should feel like a hug for your feet. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right. If they don’t, change them as soon as possible.

5. Durability

Soccer’s rough, and so should be your socks. Check for reinforced toe and heel areas. This means they’ll stand up to those tough matches and protect your feet better.

6. Cost

Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Set a budget and stick to it. But remember, investing a bit more can sometimes save in the long run.

7. Cushioning and Support

Those feet need pampering. Go for socks with cushioned soles. A bit of support can make all the difference in your game.

Why Do You Need Soccer Socks? 

Ever looked at soccer players and thought, “Why such fancy socks?” Well, it’s more than just a style thing. Let’s unravel the mystery.

Improved Traction and Stability on the Field: 

Imagine trying to dance on ice. Tricky, right? Soccer can feel that way on the field without the right grip. Soccer socks? They’re your magic carpet, grounding every move.

Reduced Risk of Slipping and Falling

Fields can be unpredictable – a bit of rain, maybe some dew. Those soccer socks? They’re your shield, guarding against the embarrassing slips that nobody wants to remember.

Better Foot and Ankle Support

It’s not all about kicking the ball. The quick zig-zags, abrupt halts, and sprints need some ankle love. Soccer socks hug your ankles just right, ensuring they have the support they crave.

Protection Against Blisters and Other Foot Injuries

Blisters can be such party-poopers. And other foot woes? Don’t get me started. Enter soccer socks – your trusty bodyguards against everything from blisters to bruises.


Grip socks are a great innovation. Here is a quick history lesson. A coach named James Cherneski noticed his players slipping a tad too much, and instead of just shrugging it off, he thought, “Why not create socks that give players a better grip?”

And just like that, grip socks were born! Now, they’re not only the darlings of the soccer world but also a hit among gym-goers and runners. So, next time you’re shopping for your game or workout gear, give a nod to coach Cherneski and grab a pair of these super socks! 


1. Why do some players cut their feet off their socks? 

Some players prefer cutting their feet from socks for a more customized fit and feel. This can reduce excess fabric and enhance contact with the ball while accommodating personal comfort preferences. 

2. Why do some players wear their socks low? 

Wearing socks low can be a style preference of players, but some do so as they believe it offers better airflow, reduced restriction, and increased agility during play. 

3. Can You Make Your Own Grip Socks? 

You can DIY your grip socks by adding grip material to regular socks. However, creating professional-grade grip socks with advanced technology and durability may be challenging. 

4. How Do You Wear Grip Socks? 

Wear grip socks like regular socks. Ensuring that the grip pattern on the sole properly aligns with the cleat studs to optimize traction. 

5. Can grip socks be worn with soccer cleats? 

Yes, grip socks are designed to be worn with soccer cleats. This provides enhanced traction and stability inside the cleats. 

6. How often should I replace my grip socks? 

Replacing your old grip socks with new ones is your personal choice. However, it is recommended to Replace grip socks when they start showing signs of wear, loss of grip, or decreased comfort.  

7. Are grip socks only for soccer players? 

As we have listed above, grip socks can benefit athletes in various sports and individuals who desire better traction in their footwear. 

8. Do I need to wash my grip socks differently than regular socks? 

Checking the manufacturer’s care instructions for optimal maintenance is always good. Although there is no problem with machine washing grip socks like regular socks. 

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