Is Soccer A Spring Sport?

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Soccer is a common all-year-round sport in most parts of the world, except for the U.S., where it is predominantly played during Spring and Fall. But does that officially make soccer a spring sport? Yes and no! 

Outdoor sports are often more enjoyable for players in certain seasons and atmospheres.

In some parts of Asia, many soccer enthusiasts enjoy playing at the peak of monsoon, in pouring rain, while in other parts, the prime time is right after winter ends – SPRING!

So, what influences soccer season? Let’s find out!

Is Soccer A Spring Sport?

The right answer is that it depends on regions and hemispheres’ climate impact.

In some countries like the United States and some parts of the West, soccer is played in the spring months, while in others, it’s played in the fall or winter. And in many other countries, soccer is played all year round. 

Is Soccer Best for Spring?

There is no reason for you not to play soccer any time of year if you genuinely love soccer. However, weather plays a huge role because spring soccer can be tricky for brutally colder regions.

But of course, the weather isn’t the same everywhere worldwide, especially for tropical regions; spring is the ideal time to return to outdoor sports. 

But, to be fair, soccer is best to play in all seasons, depending on where you live and how each season is in your country. 

When Does the MLS Season Start?

The Major League Soccer or MLS Season starts in late February or early March, ending in early December. League play starts from February to October, and playoff season begins afterward. 

The two stages of the MLS season are, 

  1. League: In this stage, teams compete against each other, with each playing 34 matches. The nine winning teams with the best scores compete in the playoff stage for the championship.
  2. Playoffs: The teams are split into Eastern and Western conferences, competing to qualify, and non-qualifiers are eliminated. The winner wins the MLS Cup after a championship match is played in December.

When is the Youth Soccer Season?

Youth soccer season in the US starts mid to late August and ends in December. Clubs will train from August and finish towards the end of June.

Winters are focused on training, and by spring, youth soccer season games start and are played until June. In this context, the answer to whether soccer is a spring sport is yes. 

When is Soccer Season in Europe?

Soccer, or football as it is known in Europe, is a year-round sport on the continent, with various competitions and leagues occurring at different times. The primary soccer seasons in Europe typically follow this schedule below, 

  • England’s Premier League begins in the middle of August, kicking up until mid-May, with a well-deserved time off in the Christmas and New Year’s seasons.
  • France’s Ligue 1 picks up in early August and ends in late May, with a Christmas and New Year’s break around December and January.
  • Like England’s, Spain’s La Liga also starts in mid-August and finishes in mid-May, with breaks in December and January. 
  • Serie A of Italy starts in late August and dials down towards the end of May or early June, with time-offs in January and February.
  • Germany’s Bundesliga begins in the middle of August and plays until mid-May, with winter breaks in December and January. 

Soccer is Not Just a Spring Sport

As we can see, soccer is not just a spring sport. It is a year-round sport globally, with some youth leagues and regions playing in the spring or fall.

Europe’s top domestic leagues run from late summer to early spring and international tournaments like World Cup and UEFA Euros run in the summer months, proving the sport’s year-round influence. 


There you have it! If you were wondering if soccer was a spring sport, we hope our guide has helped you answer that question.

Soccer’s immense popularity sees it being enjoyed 365 days, and it certainly earns the spot for being an all-season friendly sport. So keep kicking it up, rain or shine!

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