10 Magnificent Reasons Why Soccer Is the Best Sport!

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Have you ever tried explaining why soccer is such a fantastic sport to someone who has little to no idea about it? 

You’ll be at a loss for words because there’s just no way to describe it. It’s crazy how a global sport like this can bring people from all over the world together. It truly is a beautiful game. 

Just think about the moments that have defied logic—like that insane volley from Thierry Henry in 2000. Or take Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both top-class players trying to outscore each other in the El Clasico’s. There are a lot of reasons that makes soccer one of the most popular game in the world.

However, if you’re still wondering why soccer is the best sport, here are 10 reasons that’ll answer your question:

Why Is Soccer the Best Sport to Play?

In many countries, soccer is considered to be almost like a religion. They live and breathe it. It’s the only sport that has the power to captivate people around the world and paralyze nations in one single game. 

With over 4 billion fans worldwide, the game is played by almost every country. And let’s not forget the fever that the FIFA World Cup brings every four years as it’s the most-watched event in the world. 

It’s impossible to explain this passion, even for die-hard fans. And that’s where we step in and break it down for you.

Uniting People Around the World

The best thing about soccer is that it’s got the power to bring people together from all walks of life. Their gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, or religion melt away when the game is on. 

Soccer goes beyond borders and unites people. The FIFA World Cup brings people together to support their favorite teams or players.

The fans are not only diligent but are as equally passionate as the players themselves. It’s the drama, the nail-biting tension you have throughout 90 minutes of the game, that makes it impossible to look away. 


Soccer is a simple and easy sport to learn. In fact, because of how simple it is, this makes the sport more accessible to people of all backgrounds, genders, and ages. 

The rules are straightforward, and the objective of the game is to score goals against your opponent. Whoever has the most goals by the end of the game wins. 

The rules can change during competition levels to however the players want or need them, but other than that, anybody can play the game.

Soccer Can Be Played Inside and Outside

Soccer can be played anywhere, both inside and outside. It’s such a flexible sport that it can also be played in any weather condition.

To play outdoors, all you need is a patch of grass or a lawn, a group of individuals, a ball, a love for the game, and that’s basically it. 

For indoor soccer, you can play on a basketball court or a smaller field with fewer players. Playing indoors is perfect for those who want to play all year round but can’t due to cold weather during the winter months. 


You don’t need to have a budget to play soccer as it’s a moderately inexpensive sport to play, more so if you take a look at what the costs are in other countries. 

This easily makes it the perfect sport for kids and families who can’t afford to participate or buy equipment for other, more expensive sports. 

All you need is a ball, shin guards, and decent boots to start playing. In some countries, kids just play barefoot! 

Just Need a Few Pieces of Equipment

As we just mentioned, you don’t need to spend much money on soccer equipment to play. Thanks to how minimum the requirements are, players only need a few things to get started. 

You only need a ball and soccer cleats for the sport itself, as these two are the most important items. For players, they only need jerseys and shin guards to get the game going. 

Lack of Physical Size Advantage

While it’s true for professional players to have superb stamina and physical strength to compete in events and tournaments, normal people like us don’t need to rely on them as much. 

Unlike other sports, like basketball or American football, where you need to have an advantage to be good, soccer is all about skill and technique. These two are more important than physical size. 

Lionel Messi is probably the best example you’ll see when we say there’s no physical size advantage. All men (and women) are equals when it comes to playing soccer. 

Strategy Matters

Soccer is all about formations, strategy, and teamwork. Coaches and managers like Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho are excellent examples of soccer strategists. They spend hours analyzing the opposition team and coming up with tactics to outsmart them. 

This makes soccer more of a mental sport where players are required to make split-second decisions and literally think on their feet! 

Soccer’s History

The inspiring history of soccer spans from centuries ago. One of the first modern games of soccer has been recorded to have taken place in 19th-century England. Since then, the fever for soccer has spread around the world.

In fact, soccer has played a vital role in the history of several countries, like Brazil and Spain. It has also been used as a tool for peacekeeping and diplomacy.

While the old rules still apply, there’s no doubt the love and passion for the game still exist to this day among fans, players, and coaches. 

No Timeouts

Unlike other sports, soccer has no timeouts. Timeouts can not only disrupt the momentum of the game, but they can also put players out of their groove. This is how viewers lose attention.  

Other than that, timeouts are also used to play ads as well. This is why soccer is the best sport of all the others. There are limited ad placements, and you mostly get to see them during halftime. 

Dedicated Fans

You’ll be hard-pressed to find fans as loyal as soccer fans. The passion is unlike anything you’ve seen before anywhere else. 

No matter what team or league you end up watching, you’ll find fans of all levels keeping the sport and game alive. And watching a match surrounded by thousands of screaming fans is an experience every soccer fan should have. 


In conclusion, soccer is a great sport to be a part of. Whether you’re a fan or a player, this is one of the few sports that give you equal opportunities to victory. 

If you’re someone who loves soccer or if we’ve managed to convince you that soccer is the best sport to play, then leave a comment telling us your thoughts! Let us know how soccer changed your life.

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