10 Best Portable Soccer Goals In 2024: Play Anywhere You Want!

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For all those who love soccer, the importance of portable soccer goals is never lost. Have you ever found yourself with available space but no goals? Personally, I have been there; we used to place 2 rocks to define the goal.

However, with portable soccer goals, you have the freedom to play anywhere. If you have decided to invest in a soccer goal, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

To make this easy, we have carefully made this list of the 10 best portable soccer goals you can choose from. Check this out!

10 Best Soccer Portable Soccer Goals

Grab your checklist of requirements for a portable soccer goal, and pick from the list the goal that checks the most boxes.

1. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal

The Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal is for beginner soccer players. It’s extremely lightweight and can be easily carried around, even by kids.

This goal comes in 2 sizes, so you can get the one that fits your needs. The 4’x3’ goal size is just under $20. At the same time, the bigger 6’x3’ goal costs you around $30.

Given its low price, you don’t expect a very high-end goal. As we mentioned, if you are a beginner, this goal is for you. Or, if you need a practice backup goal, this is your go-to option.

The Franklin goal is made of fiberglass and steel. It has decent peg hooks that are anchored in the ground. To carry it around, you will get a convenient carriage bag with it in the package.

What We Like

  • Takes only a few minutes to set up
  • Light on your budget, it’s cheap
  • Works best for kids, beginners, and those practicing light shots

What We Don’t Like

  • Poles are connected loosely
  • The bottom strap keeping the poles together can trip the players
  • Low stability against winds and harder shots.

2. GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal

The GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal is perfect for younger players of all skill levels. It comes in 3 sizes; 2.5’, 4’, 6’.

This portable goal comes in vibrant orange and black. This goal has a reflective silver lining around the edges for nighttime play assistance.

Also, this portable goal comes with attached anchors that are embedded in the soil. It is highly portable with an easy twist-folding mechanism, so you can always take it anywhere with you.

But here is the best part, GOLME offers a one-month trial and a year-long warranty. So, you have a long time to see if the product suits you.

What We Like

  • Easy assembly and disassembly procedure
  • Best suited for new and young players 
  • Folded goal takes up very little space

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the most durable against the wear and tear of the net
  • Attached anchors are made of weaker plastic material 

3. SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net

This is where things start getting pricier. The SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal is a high-end product that fully justifies its high price.

This goal comes in 3 different sizes: 6’x4’, 8’x5’, 12’x6’. As you can see, this goal is bigger than the others mentioned before. Therefore, it is best for more experienced and pro players.

This goal comes with tension-tight fixed poles that are rigid and highly stable. Moreover, the net attaches to the pole with Velcro wrapped around it. Finally, the stakes are made of durable steel to keep the goal anchored.

What We Like

  • Takes a couple of minutes to assemble and set up
  • Available in large sizes for older and more experienced players
  • High stability is for practicing hard shots

What We Don’t Like

  • The joints of its corners aren’t the most durable and can break after heavy shots
  • The attached Velcro can easily come off

4. PowerNet Soccer Goal

PowerNet Soccer Goal

The PowerNet Soccer Goal is considerably expensive. The greater cost is due to its bigger size. At 12’x6’, this is great for bigger 7 v 7 or even 9 v 9 games.

However, despite its larger size, it is highly portable and can collapse completely. Although it’s not as prominent in smaller goals, for larger goals, portability is crucial. Hence, if you move a lot, this goal is for you.

With its tension-held components, this goal doesn’t need any additional tools for setting up. So it’s a real on-the-go experience.

The build quality of this goal is solid. It is a stable and durable package with a metal base frame, poles of fiberglass, and metal stakes.

What We Like

  • The larger size means it’s great for goalie practice
  • Even one person can set it up easily
  • The large form factor allows usage in bigger games

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive compared to other portable goals
  • Cheap net material. Prone to wear and tear
  • Bigger size means it’s heavier to carry

5. PUGG 6-Foot Portable Pop-Up Soccer & Football Goal

PUGG 6-Foot Portable Pop-Up Soccer & Football Goal

The PUGG 6-Foot Portable Pop-Up Soccer & Football Goal is a pop-up portable goal. The concept of pop-up portable goals traces back to 1994. Its name, PUGG, means Pick-Up Game Goal.

This goal has high-quality manufacturing. Just like all other pop-up goals, this goal uses a steel frame rather than fiberglass. This provides unbreakable durability to the goal while also making it very flexible. 

The new heavier versions of PUGG pop-up goals also provide resistance against wind and hard shots.

These goals come in 3 different sizes: 4-footer, 3-footer weighted pop-up goal, Mini 1-v-1 pop-up goal, and Square version 4-footer Pop-up goal.

What We Like

  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Perfect for casual futsal play
  • Easy transportation due to high flexibility
  • Durable steel frame

What We Don’t Like

  • Not made for hard shots as it is conventionally very lightweight

6. L RUNNZER Portable Soccer Goal

L RUNNZER Portable Soccer Goal

This portable soccer goal is specially designed for kids. You can easily carry it to your next picnic spot for your kids to have some soccer time. Since it’s for kids, it’s small and much more compact.

The L RUNNZER Soccer Goal has the following size measurements: 3.3 f / 4.5 f x 2.5 f x 2.5 f. It will perfectly fit in your backyard.

The goal comprises 420D Oxford thick cloth wrapped around durable 8mm fiberglass poles. This gives it additional strength and makes it durable. It is also designed for decent wind resistance.

The best thing about the L RUNNZER Portable Soccer Goal is how quickly it can be assembled. All you have to do is tighten the rods, place the net, and start shooting at it. You only have to set up the net once, as it can then be folded within the goal.

What We Like

  • Perfect gift for kids and teens
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weighted variants can resist wind and average shots

What We Don’t Like

  • Net can wear and tear after some time
  • Not designed for pro players

7. Kwik Goal Kwik Flex Soccer Goal

Kwik Goal Kwik Flex Soccer Goal

The Kwik Goal Kwik Flex Soccer Goal looks like a traditional soccer goal with its tension-fixed metal rods. It comes with vinyl-covered poles and a crossbar.

The best thing about this goal is its tool-less assembly. It follows the snap-button mechanism that allows easy set-up.

Moreover, this goal comprises fiberglass and steel, giving it a sturdy feel and decent wind resistance. It can perfectly fit into your backyard.

This isn’t the biggest goal coming at 4’H x 6’W. The 4’ height means it can be used for futsal in your backyard or the college grounds. It isn’t something you can play your 9v9 matches with.

What We Like

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Tension-based poles allow sturdy anchoring in the ground
  • Design and build offers a conventional soccer goal experience

What We Don’t Like

  • At 20 pounds weight, this isn’t the best goal for hard-shooting

8. WEKEFON Soccer Goal

WEKEFON Soccer Goal

The WEKEFON Soccer Goal is particularly designed for children. It is easy to assemble and can be used in your backyard. This goal’s unfolded size is 5ft x 3.1ft x 3.1ft.

The WEKEFON Soccer Goal has 10 mm thick fiberglass rods that are durable for long-term use. The frames are wrapped with 450 Oxford fabric.

Its partially arched design ensures easy transportation. So, you can always pack it for one of your weekend picnics.

What We Like

  • Toolless setup for on-the-go experience
  • Great for kids playing football in your backyard
  • Available in multiple colors

What We Don’t Like

  • The stakes coming with this goal are fragile
  • Even a decent shot at it can throw it off its place

9. Kwik Goal NXT Soccer Goal

Kwik Goal NXT Soccer Goal

The sturdy feel, rounded corners, and a solid build, this goal gives you the experience of a conventional soccer goal.

The Kwik Goal NXT Soccer Goal is easy to assemble with its Kwik button technology. It’s tool-less assembly!

If you play soccer professionally, this goal is for you. Its professional stability comes from its all-aluminum frame that allows it to keep standing against wind and harder shots.

This goal is for older professionals. It is sized at 6.5′ x 12′. This puts it in the bigger portable soccer goals family.

What We Like

  • All aluminum construction gives it high durability
  • Designed for tool-less assembly
  • Its powder-coated aluminum frame protects it against moisture

What We Don’t Like

  • The large size makes it a little less portable, even when folded
  • Expensive! Not for casual backyard use

10. PUGG Ultra U90 Weighted 4-Footer Pop-Up

PUGG Ultra U90 Weighted 4-Footer Pop-Up

The PUGG Ultra U90 Weighted 4-Footer Pop-Up is the cheaper all-terrain goal. It’s highly diverse in its usage and can be used in dirt, pavement, artificial turf, or natural grass.

It’s made up of heavier nylon on the bottom, allowing it to be used on any surface. Its 3-peg anchoring system further embeds it into the soil, which increases its stability.

Its in-bag folded size is 48″x36″x36″. This isn’t the biggest goal out there, but it’s decently large for your shooting practice. Overall, this goal is the stability king. It has high wind resistance, and you can shoot at it as hard as you like.

Note: This bag also has a lighter version if you are fond of mobility.

What We Like

  • Highly stable with a heavy base
  • Great wind resistance
  • It’s cheap but high value

What We Don’t Like

  • The high stability is due to its additional weight, which compromises its mobility
  • Not suitable for bigger 9v9 games

Checklist for Buying The Best Portable Soccer Goals

Buying the perfect portable soccer goal can get overwhelming with all the options available out there. So, how do you know which goal is best for you? We have carefully broken down the process of choosing a portable soccer goal that suits you the best. 


Buying a portable soccer goal means you can personalize it according to your needs. The size of your goal is the first thing you should look for. Choosing what size soccer goal suits you best is important. 

The size of the goal majorly depends on your usage and the game type. For example, if you are just buying it for your kids to play in the backyard, you don’t need a 6’ soccer goal. 

Moreover, your goal size will largely depend on whether it’s an indoor 5 v 5 game or a 7 v 7 game. So, it all melts down to the usage and where you plan to keep it.


This is crucial. Many retailers claim a goal is easy to set up and assemble. But when you actually do it, it’s a complete mess.

We recommend buying a well-known version of Portable Goals so you can easily find their assembly guides and reviews online.

A portable soccer goal is easy to carry around and folds into a smaller version. So, make sure you are buying a goal that is actually portable and can be carried in a bag. 

Material And Durability

Investing $400 in a portable soccer goal means that it should last at least 3 years. Anything less is a waste of money. To check the product’s durability, you should read its reviews and take any 2nd opinions if possible.

A good way to judge a goal’s durability is by its materials. High-durability soccer goals are made of steel and fiberglass. Some heavier soccer goals also have metal frames. 

For context, if your goal can withstand a hard 100 km/h shot without its next tearing up, it’s good to go.

Ease of Set-up

The entire concept of using a portable soccer goal is that you can play anywhere you want. Hence, buy a goal that can be easily assembled without using any tools. This mostly happens in the goals with friction-tight components. 


Imagine you shoot at the goal, and the goal moves large distances because of your strike. Or simply moves with the wind. Such goals are useless and very frustrating during the game.

So, make sure you check its weight and buy a goal with enough weight to easily carry without compromising its stability.


When investing in a soccer goal, you should choose the one with high adjustability. This will allow players with different heights to be able to play. It will also enable you to adjust the goal according to the game size. 

We suggest getting a soccer goal with a telescoping frame, as it allows you to adjust the height and width of the frame. 


Safety is a crucial factor when buying a portable soccer goal. Especially if you are buying for your kids, go for the goals with rounded corners and edges. Sharper edges or corners can cause injuries. 

Moreover, sharper edges can also cause damage to the soccer ball. 

Look for anchors and pegs when buying a soccer goal. If your goal isn’t properly anchored in the ground, it can easily topple and cause injuries. 


Portable goals aren’t as durable as permanent goals. However, they should still last for around 3 years on average. The nets are the most vulnerable parts of a goal. Hence, to ensure that your money is on the right product, go for the goals with warranties. In such cases, you can always make a claim if your goal sees wear and tear before the warranty is over.

Advantages Of Portable Soccer Goals, Or Pop Up Goals

We all know how satisfying it is to play with a solid fixed goal. However, the problem is that you can’t take them with you. And sometimes, the goal is already occupied by someone else.

That’s why having a portable goal of yours changes everything like:

  • It goes where you take it: All you need is space and a soccer ball. You can set it up anywhere, even in your backyard.
  • Suitable for kids: Kids don’t need large goals. If you have a kid who loves soccer, you can invest in a portable goal of your choice and size. With all the options out there, you can even get a custom-colored portable goal.
  • Economical: Where a solid permanent goal can cost up to $2000, a portable one costs only a quarter of it. For only $300-$400, you can get a durable portable soccer goal.
  • Quick Setup: Quick setup is the most important feature of pop-up soccer goals. All you have to do is take them out of their bags, and they pop right out into shape. 

Precautions to Using Portable Soccer Goals

As easy to use as they are, portable soccer goals must be used carefully. Here are a few things you should take care of while using a portable soccer goal. 

  • Anchoring – Always check if the anchors of your goal are solid and in place. Without that, the goal will topple out and even hurt someone in the process.
  • Following Manufacturer’s Instructions – It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual, especially when you are assembling the goal. This way, you can avoid any damage to the goal. 
  • Secure Netting – Before you start your play, make sure that the netting is tight and properly fixed. A loose netting can cause entanglement and even injury, as players often sprint when running towards the goal. 


What size soccer goal should I buy?

The size of the soccer goal depends on your requirements. For example, if you want to buy it for your kids, you can go with a smaller 4’ goal. But if you are an older player who plays 9 v 9 matches, a 6’ goal suits you the best. 

How big is a real soccer goal?

A real soccer goal is about 24’ in width (between 2 poles) and 8’ in height. 

What soccer goals are best?

There is no absolute best soccer goal. It all depends on what your requirements are. If you need an 11 v 11 soccer goal, a permanent goal is best for you. If you just want to have fun in your backyard, a smaller portable goal will work best for you.

Are portable soccer goals only for children?

No, there are heavier and larger portable goals for older players as well. It all depends on the manufacturing and the size of the goal. There are portable goals that are 6’ in height. 

Do portable soccer goals need netting?

Yes. If you don’t put on the netting, some portable goals might become unstable. Moreover, without the netting, you will find the ball slipping far away after every shot.

Can pop-up soccer goals be used without pegs?

While using pegs is a recommended practice to ensure stability, some pop-up goals can be used without pegs. It depends on the playing surface. 


Portable goals can be life-changing if you move around a lot. Gone are the days when you would mark your goals with stones or school bags. With a wide range of options available, there is always a portable soccer goal out there that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. So, create your checklist of needs, and choose the goal that checks most boxes.

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