5 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

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Are you looking for the perfect pair of cleats for your wide feet? Do you want cleats that enhance your performance on the field and provide you comfort? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Being a seasoned soccer player, I have tried countless cleats to find the perfect fit for my wide feet. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ll help you make an informed choice that elevates your game. 

Top 5 Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

These top 5 wide-foot soccer cleats offer a combination of fit and performance. The quality, of course, matters. Each option is carefully chosen to meet the needs of players with wider feet and to make it easier to play at your best.

Let’s review them all one by one. 

1. PUMA Future Ultimate FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats 

PUMA Future Ultimate FG/AG Men's Soccer Cleat

The PUMA Future Ultimate FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats are designed to provide the perfect fit for wide feet. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on performance or comfort. 

You’ll get agility, comfort, and traction from these cleats. That’s why they are at the top of my list. I love how they give a snug yet roomy feel to my feet. 

The FG/AG cleat has some other amazing features that make it a popular choice among soccer players. 

One standout feature is the adaptive fit. This cleat easily adapts to the shape of your foot. How cool is that? The fit ensures that the cleats don’t feel too tight or constricting.

The PUMA Future Ultimate cleats are versatile and suitable for both firm ground and artificial grass surfaces. You can use the same pair of cleats across different playing conditions.

This versatility helps players maintain their performance and agility regardless of the surface, which is a significant advantage.

The responsive agility of these cleats is another key positive. Soccer is a game of quick movements. Having cleats that respond well to your movements can significantly affect your performance. 

What I don’t like about these cleats is that they have a slightly longer break-in period. This means that they might take some time to fully conform to the shape of your feet and become comfortable. 

While it’s common for many soccer cleats to require some breaking in, it’s worth considering if you need a pair immediately ready for intense play. 

Once the break-in period is over, you’ll likely find the comfort and performance of these cleats well worth the initial effort.

2. New Balance 442 V2 Team FG Black/White Firm Ground Wide Soccer Cleats 

New Balance 442 V2 Team FG Black/White Firm Ground Wide Soccer Cleat

New Balance’s 442 V2 Team line focuses on providing a comfortable and secure fit for wide feet. 

The design of these cleats provides stability. Your feet will have ample space they need to perform well. 

These cleats also come with firm ground traction, which allows you to have a solid grip while playing. We all know stability is crucial for playing soccer. And these cleats help you achieve that. 

These cleats also provide traction even on firm ground surfaces. This means you can make quick movements, sudden and sharp turns, and you won’t have to worry about slipping. 

At times, brands make a good design, but the quality and functionality are compromised. That is not the case with these cleats. I bought the black and white color combination because it goes with all the soccer uniforms. 

Now, we have to talk about the negatives. I feel there is only one drawback to these cleats, which is the fact that they’re only available in limited colors. If you’re looking for a wide variety of color options, this pair might not be for you. 

3. Adidas Speedportal 3 Soccer Shoe

Adidas Speedportal 3 Soccer Shoe

Next on our list is the Adidas Speedportal.3 Soccer Shoes. If you want a versatile cleat that gives a wide fit, this one is perfect. You’ll get the agility and speed you desire. 

Are you concerned about comfort and support? If you are, then these cleats will make your life much easier. 

These shoes are lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your cleats weighing you down. You’ll get the performance and speed that you worked hard for.  

The design of these cleats is speed-focused. It allows fast acceleration when changing directions quickly. 

However, there is one downside. You won’t get the same level of traction on all surfaces. It will differ on soft ground, artificial surfaces, etc. 

This can affect your stability, particularly on uneven surfaces. 

4. Nike Tiempo Legend VII SG-Pro Men’s Soccer Cleats

Nike Tiempo Legend VII SG-Pro Men's Soccer Cleat

The Nike Tiempo Legend VII is all about comfort and a classic touch. This wide-fit option combines the elegance of leather with enjoyment. 

The fit ensures that players with wider feet also get to experience the luxury and comfort of leather. How amazing is that? 

If you’re concerned about fitting, don’t be. These will fit just right. 

You can even play on wet and muddy surfaces wearing these cleats. The studs are placed in such a way that provides traction for stability. Just to try them out, I played a match on a muddy surface, and these cleats didn’t disappoint. 

Now, we all know that with leather comes the responsibility of maintenance. These cleats are sensitive to moisture and excessive wear. So, if you don’t look after them, you might end up ruining them. 

For maintenance, you need to regularly clean and condition the cleats. That’s the only way they’re going to last a long time. 

5. Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

The last shoe on our list is the Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe. This is a favorite among many soccer players. 

These cleats provide exceptional comfort and durability and perfectly fit all foot shapes. 

I love the classic look of these cleats; they have a timeless appeal. 

These cleats also offer a level of comfort not usually seen in other shoes, thanks to their high-quality materials. Let’s give some credit to the craftsmanship as well, because these cleats can withstand all the roughness of the field. 

I believe these cleats are a long-lasting investment. 

On a less positive note, these cleats are slightly on the heavier side. But I don’t think their weight would affect the performance of most players. 

What to Look for in Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet?

When searching for soccer cleats that cater to wide feet, consider several key factors for comfort and performance on the field. 

Here are three crucial aspects to look for:


The most obvious factor is the width of the cleats. Look for brands and models that explicitly offer a wide-fit version. This ensures the cleats provide enough room in the toe box and midfoot areas. 

Wide-fit cleats prevent discomfort and potential injuries caused by a tight fit. They are designed to accommodate broader foot shapes, which makes them a must for players with wide feet.


Comfort is paramount, especially during intense matches. Consider cleats with cushioning or padding in the insole and collar areas. A well-padded insole can provide additional support and reduce pressure on the feet. 

While a padded collar enhances overall comfort and helps prevent irritation or rubbing, high-quality materials, such as soft leather or flexible synthetic materials, are essential to molding your foot shape. These can also contribute to the overall comfort of the cleats.


Traction is crucial for agility and stability. It prevents slips on the field. 

Look for cleats with well-designed stud configurations. Particularly those suitable for the type of playing surface you’ll encounter most often. 

The studs should offer a balance between grip and maneuverability. They should help you make quick turns and sudden movements without compromising stability.

These factors don’t just apply to wide-fit cleats. They’re essential for any soccer player looking to perform at their best while keeping comfort and safety in mind. 

Always try on the cleats before purchasing, if possible, to ensure the fit and comfort are right for your feet.

Additionally, reading reviews from other players with wide feet can be valuable in finding the perfect pair. 


Are Adidas cleats good for wide feet?

Yes, some Adidas cleat models are perfect for wide feet. Adidas is a reputable brand that produces a wide range of soccer cleats, including those suitable for players with wide feet. 

They also provide options for players with different foot shapes. Make sure to look for models that explicitly mention a wide-fit option and provide both comfort and performance on the field.

Are Nike soccer cleats good for wide feet? 

Yes, Nike has specific designs for players with wide feet as well. Just like Adidas, Nike also understands that players with wide feet have different requirements. 

If you have wide feet like me, try the cleats suggested in this article for a comfortable and durable experience. The best is that with Nike, you don’t have to worry about materials because Nike only uses high-quality materials. 

Final Thoughts!

So with that, we conclude our article. I’ve suggested the best cleats available for wide feet. And don’t worry, all of these are tried and tested by me. 

These cleats have helped me maintain and improve my performance over the last few months. I’d recommend that you check if the width, comfort, or traction matches your needs before purchasing because every player has different needs. 

Let me know in the comments below which one you have chosen. 

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