10 Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

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A goalie’s hands are what can make or break it for the team. They can ensure they keep out the opponent’s goals and occasionally even make that long pass to the key player who brings in the team’s goals. 

Every team must protect their goalie’s hands, and that’s why we have soccer gloves!

Top 10 Soccer Goalie Gloves Review

Here is a list of the top ten soccer goalie glove brands. We’ve tested them and really put them through the wringer to find what is what and the best of the best goalie gloves.

1. Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Gloves

Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Gloves

The Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Gloves are a pair of gloves Adidas introduced, keeping in mind the specific functionalism required of soccer goalies.

Things we like

  • Hybrid cut

As suggested by its name, these gloves feature a hybrid cut to ensure a tight and snug fit. The hybrid consists of roll fingers and negative cuts. 

  • Ultra-grip 2.0 latex

Employing the latest 2.0 latex in their goalie gloves, Adidas guarantees athletes a significantly firmer grip on the ball; hence, boosting their game.

  • Reinforced wrist strap

They also feature a reinforced bandage around the wrist. It ensures the secure positioning of the glove over the hand.

  • Silicon punching zone

The zone skin silicone in the punching zones is meant to enhance your ball control. It shields your hand against hard balls.

Things we don’t like

  • Price 

It’s a pricier product of Adidas due to its advanced technological features. 

  • Fitting 

It offers a snug fit for slim hands but may not fit broader ones.  

  • Durability 

These goalie gloves do not offer a long-lasting durability that tolerates both intense training sessions and abrasive surfaces. 

2. Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

The Nike Mercurial line is distinctly pronounced for its comfort, utility, and innovative technological features. The Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite is no exception to this motto.

Things we like:

  • ACC (All Conditions Control) technology

The ingenious ACC technology allows the glove to weather all types of wet and dry environmental conditions. Whether hail, rain, or snow, it won’t let you down.

  • Breathability

The perforated foam mesh lining inside the glove allows for a ventilation system that keeps the air flowing, keeping your hands dry and cool.

  • Gussets wrap

It features a reverse-stitched gusset wrapped around the fingers that offers a snug fit and protection.

  • Size availability 

It comes in six sizes, allowing you to choose one best suited for your hand without compromising practicality.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price 

Nike merchandise, employing premium materials and modern technology, usually comes with a higher price tag.

  • Durability 

We have observed reports of this glove wearing out quickly, leading to less durability.

3. Puma FUTURE Grip 1 NC Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Puma FUTURE Grip 1 NC Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

The Future Grip 1 NC soccer goalkeeper gloves are a niche product of PUMA, utilizing some great innovative features to offer exceptional grip and fitting.

Things we like:

  • Palm wrap

The palm wrap is woven around the outer edge of the hand and the thumb. It, thus, ensures that the glove fits snugly around your hand.

  • NC hybrid

The negative cut-and-roll finger hybrid allows for a snug fit and a superb ball grip.

  • Lightweight second-skin fit

This goalie glove has a lightweight second skin fit; it allows a close feel of the ball.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

PUMA products are pricier; these goalie gloves are no exception.

  • Non-adjustable wrist support

THE FUTURE Grip 1 NC soccer goalkeeper gloves come with a neoprene wrist cuff. However, it is non-adjustable.

  • Durability 

Its lightweight and second-skin fit make it unsuitable for consistent use. Hence, use it either for matches or for practice.

4. Uhlsport COMFORT ABSOLUTGRIP HN Goalkeeper Gloves

Uhlsport COMFORT ABSOLUTGRIP HN Goalkeeper Gloves

The Uhlsport COMFORT ABSOLUTGRIP HN Goalkeeper Gloves offer a blend of comfort, quality, practicality, and grip.

Things we like:

  • Absolutgrip latex

The ABSOLUTGRIP latex allows for superb ball grip in all weather conditions.

  • HN (half-negative) cut

A blend of the flat cut and the negative amount, the HN cut offers a snug fit and excellent ball control.

  • Breathability

Manufactured to allow breathability, the Uhlsport COMFORT ABSOLUTGRIP HN GoalkeeperGloves will keep your hands dry and cool.

  • Shock absorption 

These goalie gloves have foam embedded in them, enabling you to receive hard shots without hurting yourself. 

  • Flexible thumb construction

The flexible thumb construction allows greater flexibility and grip to enhance ball grip and control.

  • Price 

Despite having many plus points, these goalie gloves are economical to purchase.

Things we don’t like:

  • One color

As they emphasize practicality, there is only one color of it available. It may not appeal to your aesthetics.  

  • Maintenance 

No matter how great the features of a goalie glove are, maintenance is necessary for them to preserve their brilliance over time.

5. Nike Phantom Elite Goalkeeper

Nike Phantom Elite ACC Goalkeeper Soccer Gloves

Nike is a distinguished brand offering premium products that guarantee practicality and comfort. The Nike Phantom Elite Goalkeeper is no different.

Things we like:

  • ACC technology 

The All Conditions Control (ACC) technology allows the use of these goalie gloves in any weather.

  • Pre-Curved Bio-Align Technology

The Pre-Curved Bio-Align Technology featuring a negative cut ensures a strong grip on the ball.

  • Breathability 

Incorporating neoprene and foam mesh promises cushioning and keeps the hands cool, dry, and comfortable.  

  • Elastic wristband

With the elastic wristband, you can customize it to fit your wrist.

  • Size choice

Six sizes are available for the Nike Phantom Elite Goalkeeper, giving you the choice to opt for your best fit.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

Nike is a premium brand and offers only high-quality merchandise. Thus, its prices are on the higher side.

  • Durability 

Despite high-quality materials and innovative technologies, these goalie gloves are less durable to survive both intense training and real matches.

6. Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Glove

Storelli Gladiator Pro 3.0 Goalkeeper Gloves

The Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 glove especially focuses on protecting the wearer without losing its purpose.

Things we like:

  • Premium latex

The usage of high-quality latex warrants a strong grip. In addition, it features textured polybutylene in punch zones which add to the grip strength.

  • Foam mesh

There is a 3mm foam layer. It promises breathability and acts as a shock absorption layer, offering protection.

  • Protection 

The Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 glove comes with removable thumb and finger spines. They boast of a protection system that no other goalie gloves offer.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

The Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 glove comes with a higher price tag. 

  • Durability

The foam tends to wear out with extended use, so you should use it only in real matches. It is made to be used in real games.

7. Adidas Predator Match Fingersave Gloves

adidas Unisex-Adult Match Fingersave Predator Goalie Gloves

The Adidas Predator Match Fingersave Gloves are designed to protect fingers from injuries and hyperextension. 

Things we like:

  • Fingersave spines

Fingersave spines run alongside each finger within the glove. This innovative technology protects the fingers—for instance, against hyperextension—like no other. 

  • Wrist strap 

The full wrap wrist strap allows a customized, securely tight glove to fit around your hand.

  • Soft grip pro latex

The soft grip pro latex provides a strong grip that can weather any environmental condition.

  • Vented cuff

With a slit-wrist closure, the vented cuff allows easy wear and removal of the glove.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

These gloves are pricier than some of their peers, courtesy of the elite brand and its premium build.  

  • Durability

The soft grip pro latex undergoes wear and tear over extended use, so using it only in actual matches is recommended.

  • Non-exchangeable spines 

The spines in these goalie gloves are fixed. Hence, you cannot opt for removable spines to adjust the level of protection however you wish.

8. PUMA ULTRA Grip 1 Brilliance Hybrid Football Goalkeeper Gloves

PUMA Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

PUMA has again made a notable contribution to soccer equipment with its ULTRA Grip 1 Brilliance Hybrid Football goalkeeper gloves. They offer a brilliant grip, along with comfort and practicality.

Things we like:

  • Ultimate grip latex

The PUMA ULTRA Grip 1 Brilliance Hybrid Football Goalkeeper Gloves have a 4mm grip latex, which offers an exceptional grip on the ball in any weather condition. 

  • Hybrid cut

The hybrid cut comprises both roll finger and regular cut. It allows a snug fit and excellent ball control. 

  • Silicone punching zone

The silicone punching zones on these goalie gloves will strengthen your punching prowess and ball control. 

  • Breathability 

These gloves feature thumb and finger gussets, which aid in breathability, thus keeping the hands dry and comfortable.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

PUMA products have a higher price tag; this goalie glove is no exception.

  • Durability and maintenance 

The goalie glove itself—its latex grip, especially—requires constant maintenance to allow it to be durable.

9. Sondico Aqua Elite Goalkeeper Gloves

Sondico Aerolite Goalkeeper Gloves

The Sondico Aqua Elite Goalkeeper Gloves are affordable, offer finger protection, and employ the AquaFoam grip technology to enhance grip in wet conditions.

Things we like:

  • AquaFoam grip and duo grip technology 

A specialized palm foam, the AquaFoam grip technology offers a superior grip in wet weather. The duo grip technology (featuring a laminated latex layer) also enhances the player’s grip. 

  • Finger protection

The removable finger protection system in these gloves is another welcoming perk that offers protection for fingers against hyperextension. 

  • Breathability

These goalie gloves allow breathability, owing to their ventilated design, which keeps the hands comfortable.

  • Flexible wrist strap

With its adjustable wrist strap, you can adjust it according to your needs.

  • Price 

These gloves are a superb and affordable choice you cannot miss out on.

Things we don’t like:

  • Durability 

These goalie gloves will wear out quickly unless maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

10. Adidas Predator Edge Pro Gloves

adidas Predator Edge Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

The Adidas Predator Edge Pro gloves utilize the strapless knit entry and the zone skin technology. They provide the best experience without compromising comfort, protection, and grip.

Things we like:

  • URG 2.0 latex and rubber foam

The URG 2.0 latex allows for superb grip in any weather, while the rubber foam offers shock-absorbing properties, thus granting protection.

  • The strapless knit entry

One of Adidas’s astonishing features, the strapless knit entry keeps the fingers well-padded and comfortable.

  • Demonskin 2.0 technology 

The Demonskin 2.0 technology across the knuckles will grant you great ball control and enhance your soccer prowess.

  • Wrist strap

The stretchable wrist strap allows you to customize your fit.

Things we don’t like:

  • Price

Adidas is a renowned brand offering premium products but is also very expensive.

  • Durability

These gloves will only prove durable if you maintain them carefully, following the manufacturers’ instructions.

Different Cuts of Goalkeeper Gloves

Flat Cut Gloves 

With stitching on the outside of the fingers, the flat-cut glove is manufactured using only one piece of latex and gussets between the palm and the backhand. It’s comfortable and affordable.

Roll Finger Cut Gloves 

It excludes gussets and offers a large latex-to-ball contact area because the palm latex coils around the fingers. It has exceptional cushioning and ball grip.

Negative Cut Gloves 

It features a tighter fit due to the stitching on the inside of the glove. The tight, snug fit makes it an excellent choice for those with slimmer hands.

Negative Roll Cut Gloves

A union of the negative cut and the roll finger cut, this goalie glove has both a snug fit and a large catching area. 

Hybrid Cut Gloves 

As its name suggests, it is a hybrid of all the traditional cuts. You can customize one for yourself according to your needs.

Features to Consider in Goalkeeper Gloves

There are several features to keep in mind when you are purchasing a goalie glove. 

Type of cut – From a flat cut and roll finger cut to a negative and hybrid one, you need to know which best suits your hand and your usage.

Grip and latex – Both soft and hard latex have pros and cons. You must decide which aids your soccer skills.

Finger protection – If you are pursuing it as a profession, finger protection is a crucial feature to have.

Backhand material – Choose one made of high-quality latex. It will offer more comfort and shock absorption. 

Wrist closure – Choose a wrist closure based on your requirements. A bandage provides a secure fit, while a v-notch offers better ventilation.

Durability – All goalie gloves require maintenance to be durable. Goalie gloves that are manufactured for artificial ground tend to last much longer than those designed for natural grass.

Weather conditions – Many gloves feature the ACC technology to withstand all types of weather conditions. 

Size and fit – A snugly fitted glove is an ideal choice when purchasing a goalie glove. Tight gloves restrict movement, while loose ones compromise ball control.  

Padding and cushioning – Hard shots, being a common occurrence in soccer, oblige you to choose a goalie glove with adequate padding and cushioning. It is necessary to protect your hands. 

Budget – Search for the one that best suits your budget. Expansive ones aren’t always great, so choose wisely. 

How to Measure Goalkeeper Glove Size

  1. Before purchasing a goalie glove, you need your glove size. Use a ruler to measure your hand length and width. 
  2. You have your size, but different brands’ size charts vary, so check your size against the manufacturer’s size guide of whichever brand you purchase. 
  3. Add extra space (0.5 to 1.0 cm) to your size measurements. Also, remember to add the space that finger protection will take up before buying. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Are Goalkeeper Gloves Important?

Well, they aren’t just for show! They’re game-changers for goalkeepers. First, they give this superhero grip on the ball.

Next, think of them as hand-huggers, offering protection and cushion. And, of course, they make catching and throwing the ball look like a piece of cake!

Do Goalies Need the Wrist Strap on Goalkeeper Gloves?

The mighty wrist strap! Not only does it keep the glove hugged tight to the hand (because who likes a runaway glove, right?), but it’s also a secret shield.

It helps prevent the wrist from bending too much, especially when a cannonball-like shot comes in.

Should Goalkeeper Gloves Be Tight?

Imagine a bear hug for your hands. That’s how goalkeeper gloves should feel, tight but comfy.

You want a little wiggle room, about 0.5cm to 1.0cm at the tips, to make sure your fingers aren’t feeling trapped.

When to Replace Goalkeeper Gloves?

Every glove has its day. It’s time for new ones if you see them tearing up if they’re not gripping like they used to, if the padding feels flatter than a pancake, or if the wrist strap has lost its mojo.

How Do You Make Goalkeeper Gloves Sticky?

Want to feel like Spider-Man? Get those gloves wet! Spit works (yes, really), but water’s good too. And if you’re feeling fancy, there are special grip enhancers available. Just make sure they’re glove-friendly!

How Do You Clean Goalkeeper Gloves?

Start by shaking off any loose dirt. Then, let your gloves soak in soapy water and gently scrub the grubby bits.

Rinse with fresh water, press out the extra moisture (no wringing!), and let them bask in the sun or air dry.

When Did Goalkeepers Start Wearing Gloves?

Great question! The switch-up to gloves really kicked off in the late ’60s and early ’70s. But with the arrival of specialized gloves, everyone wanted in on that enhanced grip and protection.

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