5 Best Turf Soccer Shoes

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Ever tried playing soccer in flip-flops? Yeah, not the best idea. But guess what? The perfect turf shoe is out there, just waiting to level up your game! So lace up, and let’s kick it!

Top 5 Turf Soccer Shoes Review

This guide lists ten soccer turf shoes and also gives you a checklist of factors to consider when buying soccer shoes. Happy shopping!

1. Adidas X Speedportal Messi.1 FG

Adidas X Speedportal Messi.1 FG

Sustainable and beautiful, the Adidas X Speedportal Messi.1 FG is a great silhouette if you’re looking for features like a carbon heel lock, snug fit, etc.

Things We Like

Eco-Friendly Build: Around 50% of the upper is made using recycled material, which says something!

Advanced Speedframe Outsole: This is crafted for effortless acceleration, and we love how lightweight and flexible the speedframe is.

Carbon Heel Lock: The carbon heel lock provides stability and grip and prevents you from having unwanted slips and accidents. 

Stylish Design: With colors like silver metallic and core black set atop a base of team solar orange, these Adidas shoes are vibrant. 

Positive Customer Reviews: On the official Adidas website, many customers have given positive reviews about these shoes.

Things We Don’t Like

Fit Issues: The shoe is a bit narrow and gets uncomfortable for people with wider feet. 

Break-in Period: During the break-in period, the cleats feel uncomfortable and settling in takes time. 

Tightness Concerns: It loses its snug fit after a while, and for players looking for that extra tight feel, it may not be the best. 

Price Point: It’s a tad bit expensive. 

2. PUMA King Top TT Soccer Shoes

PUMA King Top TT Soccer Shoes

From the soccer royalty, we have the PUMA King Top TT Soccer Shoes. Like their other products, these shoes are lightweight and have a beautiful silhouette. 

Things We Like

Kangaroo Leather: The high-quality kangaroo leather gives you great ball control.  

Lightweight & Durable: The PUMA King Top TT Soccer Shoes are lightweight and also pretty resilient. 

Fold-Over Tongue: Apart from offering a vintage element to these soccer shoes, the fold-over tongue also protects the feet.

EVA Midsole: The midsole offers comfort during play and absorbs shock. 

Things We Don’t Like

Price: PUMA athletic shoes are generally expensive, and these Top TT soccer shoes are no exception. 

Fit Control: It doesn’t cater to wider feet and feels tighter when we wear it. 

3. Adidas Mundial Team Soccer Shoes

Adidas Mundial Team Soccer Shoes

Let’s talk about these classics from Adidas, the Adidas Mundial Team soccer shoes. These kicks are essentially a turf-friendly version of Adidas.

Things We Like

Pure Comfort: Kudos to Adidas for making shoes we can wear for hours on end. Soft, thick kangaroo leather? Check!

They Stick Around: The suede toe and the stitched soleplate combo aren’t just for show. They’re designed for durability and protection. 

Stay Grounded: Those conical and slightly longer studs on the bottom? They’re there to make sure you grip the ground like a pro.

Ace Your Ball Control: These shoes boast thicker kangaroo leather. It makes handling the ball feel natural and smooth.

Things We Don’t Like

Heftier Shoes: Tipping the scales at 12.7oz, they’re still comfy during play but not great if you’re into super light shoes.

Thick Leather & Tongue: That thick leather-and-tongue combo might mean you have to work a tad harder to feel that ball.

4. Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Diadora Men's Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

With hi-tect features, the Diadora Men’s Capitano ID indoor soccer shoes are a great addition to any player’s arsenal. 

Things We Like

Cozy Fit: We love that these shoes fit well on different feet sizes and even on wider feet. 

EVA Midsole: These shoes absorb shock, provide excellent cushioning, and protect your feet and joints. 

Long-Lasting Shoes: Made with high-quality materials and features like the EVA midsole, these shoes are durable and can stand on rough surfaces. 

Great Arch Support: It helps in equally distributing the weight and reduces pain in your feet and joints. 

Things We Don’t Like

Loose Inner Soles: The inner soles come out when we take off the shoes. It also reduces the shoes’ longevity.

Sizing Problem: We felt that the shoe was smaller than our regular size, and buying a half or full size up our regular size gave us a perfect fit. 

5. Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto VIII Turf Soccer Shoes

Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto VIII Turf Soccer Shoes

A competent soccer shoe for kids, the Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto VIII turf soccer shoe is a good fit.  

Things We Like

Comfortable Shoe: They use slightly thicker padding, which protects your feet, and have no synthetic material to cause blisters. 

Shoe Fitting: From the outside, they are long and narrow, and the synthetic upper opens up to provide good space for feet. 

Eco-Friendly Build: These Golleto cleats are made using recycled materials.

Things We Don’t Like

Modierce Performance: It doesn’t give a lightweight feel or has any features to help in kicking the ball. 

Sizing Issues: When we ordered the exact size, it felt a bit narrow to wear, and we had to order a half to a full size up to fix this issue. 

6. New Balance Men’s Furon V4 Pro Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

New Balance Men's Furon V4 Pro Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

With New Balance Men’s Furon V4 Pro firm ground soccer shoe, New Balance has made great strides, like great soleplate, softer upper, etc.

Things We Like

Soft Upper: The upper is thinner and softer and increases comfort, ball control, and feel. 

Soleplate Gives Responsive Feedback: The soleplate is stiff and snaps back into place after every stride. 

Stud Pattern Helps in Speed: The aggressive stud blades dig into the ground, and this helps a player accelerate faster. 

Things We Don’t Like

Heavier Shoes: They should give off a lightweight feeling, but they feel heavier during play. 

Uncomfortable PVC Heel Lining: It caused major abrasions on my Achilles heel, and I had to take them off after only 1 hour.

Inefficient Lace Area: The lace area is shorter and may pose a problem for people with slimmer feet.  



Diadora BRASIL SALA TF has an asymmetrical design that is a combination of an ultra-soft interior and a breathable mesh exterior. 

Things We Like

Classic Retro Design: The calf leather upper gives these shoes a throwback look that reminds us of the iconic ’90s style. 

Comfort & Traction: Users rave about how comfortable they are, especially on artificial turf. Plus, the aggressive traction gets a thumbs-up.

Dry Feet Ahead: Thanks to the shoe’s design, a surprise downpour won’t leave you with that soggy-foot feeling.

Fit for Wider Feet: Kudos to Diadora for thinking of those of us with broader feet. Those 10.5-wide shoes? Super comfy!

Things We Don’t Like

Tricky Turf Moments: While they shine on many surfaces, there was that unexpected snag on indoor turf.

Color Confusion: They say it’s black, but it kind of feels like a deep, dark-bluish hue. A minor thing, but clarity is always nice.

Tough Break-In: Some found the early stages of wearing them a bit challenging.

8. Adidas Unisex Predator Edge 2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Adidas Unisex Predator Edge 2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

So we took a look at the Adidas Unisex Predator Edge 2 firm ground. We got some mixed vibes, not going to lie. It was maybe okay, but not really our cup of tea. 

Things We Like

Eco-Friendly Vibes: Big shoutout to Adidas! 25% of the shoe’s upper is made from 50% recycled material.

3 Different Colors: It gives 3 different colors, solar red, solar green, and core black. Talk about making a statement on the field!

Zone Skin Magic: We love those ribbed sections. They’re all about boosting your game.

Steady Traction: That outsole is solid on firm ground. It makes for a great grip!

Things We Don’t Like

Takes Time to Break In: These shoes take too long to break in.

Low-Quality Upper Material: Their choice of upper material isn’t great and doesn’t enhance the ball’s feel.

Comfort’s Off: We found weird pressure spots and wonky sizing, especially near the laces.

9. Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Adidas Men's Copa 20.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

We’ve laced up and taken a dive into the Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 soccer shoes. Ready for the scoop? Let’s kick it!

Things We Like

Great Design: These shoes really pop! On the pitch or off, they’re total showstoppers with their vibrant colors. 

Stay Clean, Stay Fresh: Got a little mud? No worries. The exterior cleans up in a snap. Plus, they look great. 

Great Ball Contact: If you’re looking to feel the game, these shoes are on point. 

High-Quality Build: Whether you’re into soccer or just love a good cleat, these shoes scream quality. That leather upper is smooth and snug!

Things We Don’t Like

Tight Squeeze: These babies need some getting used to. Some found them on the tighter side, especially when first slipped on.

Fit Issues: Ordering your usual size? Maybe think again. They tend to run a tad small and narrow for some.

Breathing Room: If you’ve got sweaty feet, brace yourself. We just wish they breathed a bit better.

10. PUMA Men’s Ultra Match Turf Training Sneaker

PUMA Men's Ultra Match Turf Training Sneaker

Ready to deep dive into PUMA’s Ultra Match turf training sneakers? They come in 3 vibrant colors: red, orange, and white. 

Things We Like

Feather-Light Feel: With the lightweight mesh upper, it’s like walking on clouds. 

Grip for Days: The TPU Speedplate and multi-studded outsole ensure you stay grounded. 

Ball Command: The GripControl skin gives you that enviable grip on the ball. 

Quality Matters: Quite a few users are tipping their hats to its overall craftsmanship. It’s the classic PUMA touch!

Things We Don’t Like

Entry Hurdles: Slipping your foot in can be a tad challenging. Some even resorted to a little DIY adjustment with scissors. 

Size Matters: You might want to order a size or two up. They’re tighter than we expected. 

Extra Room Up Front: A couple of users found some room to wiggle in the toe area. A smidge more than desired.

Checklist for Buying Turf Cleats

There are so many brands out there, but what should you look for when buying soccer shoes? No worries; we’ve got you covered!


Like finding the perfect dance partner, your cleats should fit snugly but not too tight. Remember, no one likes a shoe that steps on their toes!


Think of this as your foot’s personal pillow. The more cushion, the comfier your feet are going feel, especially during those long games.


Just like you wouldn’t wear a winter coat in summer, make sure your cleats are made of the right stuff. Leather is a classic option, but modern materials can offer some cool benefits too.


This is all about grip! Those little studs at the bottom are your best buddies on the turf, helping you dodge and weave without a slip.


No one wants bricks on their feet. Lighter cleats might help you zoom around but ensure they still offer good support.


Everyone has got their favorites. Some swear by Adidas; others are PUMA people. Trust the brands you love, but don’t be afraid to try something new. 


We all love a good deal but remember that quality often comes at a price. Find a balance between cost and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There a Difference Between Turf and Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Turf shoes have small rubber studs for grip on turf surfaces, while indoor shoes feature a flat sole, kind of like your regular sneakers, for smoother court surfaces.

Does Turf Ruin Soccer Cleats?

It can. Traditional soccer cleats aren’t designed for turf, so the wear and tear can be faster. Think of it as wearing high heels to a beach—not the best match!

How Do I Choose Turf Shoes?

Prioritize fit, comfort, and traction. Find shoes specifically designed for turf with those tiny rubber studs. Remember, it’s like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor, so pick what feels right for your feet!

Can I Wear Turf Soccer Shoes on Grass?

You can, but it’s not ideal. Turf shoes might not give you the grip you need on natural grass. It’s a bit like wearing flip-flops in snow—it does not offer the best grip!

What Are Artificial Ground (AG) Cleats?

AG cleats are the cool cousins of regular cleats designed specifically for artificial grass. They’ve got specialized stud patterns to give you the best traction on those synthetic fields.

What Surfaces Can Artificial Ground Cleats Be Used on?

Mainly on artificial grass! But be cautious about using them on other surfaces. It’s like wearing roller skates to a dance party—it might not end well.

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