10 Fattest Soccer Players in The World: Know About The Chonky Champs!

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Soccer is a sport that demands peak physical fitness. As such, it isn’t all that uncommon to see many players in peak physical shape and condition.

However, not all soccer athletes have such perfect control of their waistlines though. In this article, we’ll explore several candidates for the fattest soccer player ever.

Soccer isn’t typically the kind of sport you’d expect overweight people to thrive in, but every man on this list has certainly challenged the stereotype.

Some have even attained legendary status despite their weight. Grab a popcorn and settle down because this will be quite the read.

10 Fattest Soccer Players Ever

There have been a surprising number of heavy soccer players; however, in this article, we’ll consider ten of the most popular ones to ever grace the game.

1. Jon Parkin

There is no better person to kick off this fattest soccer player review than Jon Parkin. He’s been retired for several years now, but attending one of his matches was undoubtedly a lively event.

There are several iconic soccer chants, but when you hear “Feed the Beast, and he will score,” you know there’s only one person it could possibly be.

Jon Parkin was born in Barnsley in December 1981, and during his playing years, he mostly weighed around 187 pounds (about 84 kg). Here’s the thing, though: Jon wasn’t just fat; he was also quite tall, standing at a towering 193cm.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, I’ve never heard of him before.” If you only watch top-flight English football, this isn’t surprising. Jon Parkin had a pretty decent career, but he never made it into the Premier League. That said, this remarkable sportsman did leave his mark on the English Football League. 

Perhaps the most remarkable thing he did was score an impressive 36 goals in just under 70 matches in the seasons nearing the end of his career.

With 190 goals in about 500 appearances, one thing is sure, “The Beast” really did know his way around a football pitch.

2. Jeroen Verhoeven 

Next up is another perfect candidate for the fattest soccer player, who you’ve probably not heard of either.

Jeroen Verhoeven is a Dutch keeper who spent his playing career in several clubs in the Netherlands, including Eredivisie giants Ajax Amsterdam. 

Unlike some players on this list, however, Jeroen Verhoeven was a goalkeeper and a pretty decent one, too! With a height of 195cm, it’s not really surprising that his weight of 218 lbs (almost 99 Kg) wasn’t enough to stand in the way of his football dreams. 

During his professional career, Jeroen Verhoeven scored 208 appearances, with the bulk coming during his time with Volendam (152 appearances).

It was here he put on the impressive performances that earned him the move to Ajax in 2009. He also played for ASV De Dijk before retiring in 2017.

3. Jan Molby

Whether you’re new to soccer or have been following the sport for a while, “Jan Molby” is a name you’ll immediately recognize with good reason. This name resounds in the legendary halls of the game.

Jan Molby began his football career with the local Danish club, Kolding, where his remarkable leadership skills earned him the captain’s armband at just age 18.

From there, it was a big move to the Dutch giants Ajax, where he made over 50 appearances in just two years, before making an even bigger move to English champions Liverpool.

It was here he etched his name into soccer’s Hall of Fame with about 44 goals in 218 appearances. I know what you’re thinking, “44 goals? That isn’t really impressive.”

You’re right; however, Jan Molby was never a goal machine. What made him special was his commanding presence and his astute leadership qualities.

Merseyside will never forget the 1986 FA Cup final, where Molby took control of Liverpool’s midfield and led them to a victory over their bitter rivals.

4. Neville Southall 

Next, we have another goalkeeper. Neville Southall is, without a doubt, one of the fattest soccer goalkeepers ever. 

Unlike the first goalkeeper mentioned in this list, Neville Southall did play in top-flight football for several years. His career spanned 22 years, and he spent a large chunk of this playing for Everton, reaching over 500 appearances.

His impressive performances for the Merseyside team eventually made him a fan favorite. Neville Southall also played for Wales for over 15 years.

After leaving the Toffees, Neville Southall was a regular player for 14 more teams before finally hanging up his cleats in 2002.

5. Wayne Shaw

The “Who ate all the pies” chant is common in soccer, especially if an overweight player is on the field. However, you may not know that the chant gained much popularity because of Wayne Shaw.

With a weight of 320 lbs (150 Kg) during his goalkeeping days, it is clear that Wayne Shaw wasn’t one to pass up a chance to fill his stomach.

In fact, his love for food was so commonly known that a betting company even placed odds on him being spotted eating a pie during a match against Arsenal.

Sure enough, he was seen eating one while on the bench. He may not have made great saves like Southall, but Wayne Shaw has proved that there’s more than one way to be immortalized in soccer. 

6. William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes 

This post has all the top nominees for the fattest soccer player title. However, it has to be said that when it comes to having sheer physical presence, William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes is ahead of the rest. At some point in his career, William was reported to have started a game, weighing 153 kg.

Make no mistake, though, William Foulkes was overweight, and he knew how to wield his weight with excellent precision.

Why else would a grossly overweight goalie be scouted by Chelsea and Sheffield United? William Foulkes managed to get one England Cap before his retirement, and he is still regarded as a Sheffield club legend.

7. Tomas Brolin

Thomas Brolin may not have been as heavy as William Foulkes, but he was overweight during his playing days.

Thomas always showed that he had the potential of being overweight, and since his retirement, that has proved to be the case. During his peak playing days, Tomas Brolin reportedly weighed about 163 lbs (74 Kg).

Unlike other soccer players on this list, Thomas Brolin’s exit from soccer was actually due to an injury that left him unable to perform. Before his injury, he was widely regarded as very talented and a tremendous prospect. 

8. Adebayo Akinfenwa

If you have ever played the earlier editions of FIFA, you’ll immediately recognize this name. Adebayo Akinfenwa was, for some time, reported to be the strongest player in the world, and with good reason. Once he got going and built up enough momentum, he just seemed to barrel through defenders standing in his way.

Throughout his playing career, Akinfenwa scored many goals, especially for Wycombe Wanderers, where he reached over 200 appearances. The interesting thing about this soccer player is that although he’s huge, he can actually bench press almost twice his body weight.

That stands at 180kg! He was also a handful for defenders because he sometimes seemed to move faster than someone his size should have been able to.

There was some debate about how much of his bulk was really fat. However, there’s absolutely no question that Adebayo Akinfenwa was one of the most physically imposing players ever to grace the game.

9. Steve McNulty

Steve McNulty is our next entry to this list to determine the fattest soccer player ever. During his playing days, Steve McNulty weighed about 194 lbs (88 Kg).

However, the extra weight seemed to be distributed around his body. Like Akinfenwa, Steve spent his career playing for English clubs, although he never made it to the top division. 

His career progression becomes even more interesting when you consider that he started out as a Liverpool player. He even served as the under-19 team captain at some point.

Despite not making a name for himself in top-flight English football, McNulty was an icon in England’s lower leagues, particularly loved for his excellent defensive engagement.

10. Ronaldo (R9)

Hailed by many worldwide as one of the best to have ever played the game, the Brazilian’s stats are a legacy. In terms of the natural ability and flair R9 brought to soccer, there were few that could compare. Perhaps the only players that could be said to be on par or better are Messi and Maradona.

Ronaldo wasn’t fat when he started out; however, he became overweight as he got closer to retirement. Post-retirement now, he has earned himself a new nickname, “Fat Ronaldo.” 

Heavy or not, R9 did gift us with some dazzling performances that have led him to be named and honored in several Halls of Fame, including those of Inter Milan, Brazil, and Real Madrid.


So there you have it, the top ten candidates for the title of the fattest soccer player ever. Weight may have been an issue for every one of these players, but they did leave their mark on the sport in one way or another. 

With that in mind,  the next time you spot an overweight player on the field, don’t judge. That may just be the next Jan Molby or Thomas Brolin.

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