Who Is the Tallest Soccer Player? (Meet the Soccer Giant)

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Some sports have a height requirement, but soccer isn’t one of them. It doesn’t matter how tall a player is in soccer. All that matters is how good they are on the field.

Tall soccer players have certain advantages over shorter players and vice versa. However, the skill and determination of a player will always triumph over physical attributes. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 of the tallest soccer players in the world and describe their roles and performance. Let’s dive into their backstory and get to know them a little bit better.

15 Tallest Soccer Players in the World

Check out this list of the 15 tallest soccer players in the world! Prepare to be amazed by their towering heights.

1. Peter Crouch — 6’7” / 201cm

This famous soccer player from England is a Striker. With his tall and slender frame and height, he didn’t initially garner the confidence of his homeland. But Crouch has proven his critics wrong with his professional and impressive skills on the field.

He joined several competitions, including the English Premier League. He has also played in two FIFA World Cups, among other competitions. His performance proved that his height didn’t affect his performance on the field.

His skill set, combined with scoring acrobatic goals, gained him praise and recognition. Crouch also holds the record for the most headed goals in Premier League history. 

He’s quite an impressive player, don’t you think? But he has since retired from soccer in 2019.

2. Even Iversen — 6’8” / 203cm

Hailing from Norway, Iversen plays as a Defender for his team. Although he hasn’t played in tournaments outside of Norway, he has shown how he uses his impressive height in the field.

This has garnered attention for how he plays and how his height has helped him with his defensive skills.

Iversen has competed in some of Norway’s notable soccer competitions, such as the Norwegian League Champions Bode/Glimt. He has also played for the Norwegian club Hasle-Løren Idrettslag. He might not have been able to join international competitions, but he is still a noteworthy soccer player.

3. Lacina Traoré — 6’8” / 203cm

Traoré, or “The Big Tree” as people have dubbed him, is a soccer player from Ivory Coast who plays as a Forward on the field. He has played in the UEFA Champions League and the Africa Cup of Nations, among other soccer leagues.

He is not only considered one of the tallest soccer players out there but he is also known for his athletic shape, which helps his endurance. Not many tall players look athletic, so Traoré has garnered attention due to this combination of characteristics.

He has also been awarded the title of Player of the Month multiple times for his great performance and consistency. Traoré is a player to watch out for.

4. Kjell Petter Opheim — 6’8” / 203cm

Opheim is one of Norway’s most impressive Goalkeepers. He has played in the Norwegian Premier League and the Manglerud Star Club.

Players have had a hard time getting the ball past him when trying to score a goal. His long limbs are an advantage in this position when he’s blocking the ball, and he doesn’t make it easy for his opponents to score.

5. Costel Pantilimon — 6’8” / 203cm

Pantilimon has played in the EUFA Cup, Premier League, Cupa Romaniei, and the FA Cup. He is from Romania, and he is the Goalkeeper in his team.

No surprise, right? Most of the players with such height often take the role of the goalkeeper. They are ideal for the role as they have an easier time blocking the ball thanks to their wide reach. Pantilimon, like all the others, uses his size to his advantage to prevent balls from getting in the net.

6. Jason Mooney — 6’8.5” / 204cm

This Goalkeeper from Northern Ireland joined the Southern League Premier Division Play-offs and the League One. His determined nature is admirable as he worked as a gardener, at a carwash, and on a farm while playing for Northern Ireland. Talk about balance.

He started his soccer career at a young age. When he participated in the Youth League Cup, he won and continued to gain more experience. He is now a semi-professional soccer player.

7. Yang Changpeng — 6’8.5” / 204cm

Changpen from China was called the Chinese Peter Crouch when he went overseas to compete. Changpeng is the Forward in his team and has played in the Chinese Super League.

He showcased his incredible skills in the field, which made him a notable player in China. With his towering height, he’s known for his aerial duels in the field.  

8. Tor Hogne Aarøy — 6’8.5” / 205cm

Aarøy is a Forward player from Norway. He has competed for the Emperor’s Cup, the J.League Cup in Japan, and the Norwegian Cup.

Although he would be a perfect goalkeeper with height, Aarøy was a valuable Forward to his team. With his long strides, he covered more ground in the field, making it challenging for other players to catch up to him.

9. Tonny Brogaard — 6’9” / 206cm

Representing Denmark, this Goalkeeper has been given the nickname of “Gentle Giant” by soccer fans. Don’t let it fool you, though. Although they call him a Gentle Giant, he took soccer seriously and posed a challenge to the other players on the field.

Brogaard played in some tournaments, such as the Danish 1st Division and the NordicBet Liga. Unfortunately, his career didn’t last long, as he suffered injuries during his last game.

10. Daniel  Muller — 6’9” / 205cm

Muller is a Goalkeeper from Germany. Although he doesn’t have many feats, he became a professional goalkeeper for his team at his imposing height.

11. Vanja Iveša — 6’9” / 206cm

Iveša is one of the most notable soccer players in Croatia. He was a Goalkeeper for his team and helped defend the goal from his opponents. He was able to use his incredible height to stop the ball from entering the goal.

Iveša has played for numerous clubs in Croatia, Turkey, and Australia. He is also considered the oldest player to compete in the Croatian First Football League. He’s a veteran when it comes to experience, and he has displayed this experience by helping his team win the game.

12. Tomáš Holý — 6’9” / 206cm

This professional Czech Goalkeeper has played for the EFL Leagues One and Two. Holý is known for his powerful kicks whenever he blocks the ball from reaching the goal.

His head coach stated that ​​Holý has a good size, a good presence, and kicks well. This makes him a good competition for the other players, and he is a Goalkeeper to watch out for.

His height gives him a natural advantage in protecting the net from the ball. Not only that, he’s good at collecting crosses and kicking the ball long distances. He’s a pretty formidable player, isn’t he?

13. Paul Millar — 6’10” / 208cm

Millar filled the position of Forward for his team. He hails from Scotland and has played for the Scottish League Two. He was one of the great soccer players. However, Millar has retired from Soccer due to an injury to his cruciate knee ligament.

Although he was out of the game for a while to recuperate, his injury has never fully recovered. Had it not been for the injury, he would have been able to play professionally for a long time. 

14. Kristof Van Hout — 6’10.5” / 208cm

Van Hout was a professional Goalkeeper from Belgium. One of the most notable feats Van Hout had accomplished was when he played in the Belgian Cup.

He is considered the second-tallest soccer player in history, and he has consistently performed his best in all his games. With his consistency and perfect build for goal-keeping, he was a valuable member of his team.

15. Simon Bloch Jørgensen — 6’11” / 210cm

This professional Goalkeeper from Denmark is currently the tallest football player in history. Among other competitions, he has participated in the EFL Cupe and the Essex Senior League.

His towering height intimidates players on the field. Who wouldn’t be intimidated? The tallest man in soccer isn’t just someone you can kick a ball past easily.

With his long limbs, he can reach the ball with just a few strides and kick it back on the field. Those limbs aren’t just for catching and stopping balls, though. He also has a mean kick and can send the ball flying.


Height in soccer can be quite advantageous. Although the tallest person usually gets the role of Goalkeeper, their position isn’t limited to only that.

Some players have proven that they can be powerful Strikers, Forwards, and Defenders despite being the tallest on the team.

Even if they’re not the fastest players on the team, they make up for it with their large reach, heading abilities, and defenses. This is evident in the list above of professional players with impressive heights.

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